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Connecting your tech stack to Drata

Multiple MDM Support
Hexnode UEM (macOS)
Hexnode UEM (Windows)
Drata Agent Installation Link
Connecting Drata to ADP Workforce Now
Preparation for making the Okta integration during kickoff
Virtual Asset Population: AWS
Ad-Hoc Identity Resync
Datadog Connection Details
Slack Notification
Creating Jira Tickets via Drata
Trust Center DocuSign Connection Details
Amazon Inspector (AWS)
Ticket Automation (Jira-only)
Connecting JumpCloud IdP to Drata
Connecting UKG Pro to Drata
Workspace ONE MDM
New Relic Connection Detail
ServiceNow Connection
Connecting Fibery to Drata
Drata Microsoft Teams App Support
Connecting OneLogin Identity Provider to Drata
Create Tickets for ServiceNow
External Policy Management
Fibery Connection Details
Intune Connection Details (Mac)
JumpCloud MDM Connection Details
AWS CodeCommit Connection Details
Connecting AWS CodeCommit to Drata
Certn Background Check Packages
Connecting Okta to Drata
Intune Connection Details (Windows)
Exclusion labels within GCP
Connecting Drata to Workday
Connecting Drata to HR Cloud
Connecting Azure Boards (DevOps) to Drata
Connecting to Azure Repos (DevOps)
Manage and link connected version control accounts
Manage Connected Infrastructure Accounts
Cloudflare Connection Details
Connecting Drata to Bob
Connecting Jamf Pro to Drata
Jamf Connection Details
Connecting Drata to TriNet
Connecting Cloudflare to Drata
Connecting Zoho BugTracker to Drata
Connecting Checkr to Drata
Connecting ClickUp to Drata
GitLab MFA configurations
Exclusion tags within Azure
Connecting Target Process to Drata
Identity sync updates in Drata
Connecting Mongo DB Atlas to Drata
Populating and Managing Personnel Data in Drata
Adding multiple connections for infrastructure, version control and developer tools (SDLC)
Exclusion tags within AWS
Connecting Drata to Paylocity
AWS Connection Details
Connecting Linear to Drata
Connecting Pivotal Tracker to Drata
Connecting Drata to Freshteam
Connecting Drata to Zenefits
Connecting Drata to Justworks
Connecting to your Enterprise SSO apps
Connecting to GitLab Issues
Connecting Drata to BambooHR
Connecting to GitLab
Connecting to Trello
Connecting Heroku to Drata
Connecting Digital Ocean to Drata
Digital Ocean Connection Details
Prioritizing an Infrastructure to connect to Drata
Connect Azure to Drata
Manually connect GCP to Drata
Connecting Drata to Rippling
Connecting to Asana
Connecting Certn to Drata
Connecting BitBucket to Drata
Connecting GitHub Issues
The Jira connection: Security Ticket (Label, JQL)
GitHub Access: Should I use my personal account or a new company account?
Connecting Microsoft 365 to Drata
Connecting KarmaCheck to Drata
Connecting Gusto to Drata
Connecting Shortcut to Drata
Connecting Jira to Drata
Connect (GCP) Google Cloud Platform to Drata
Connecting AWS to Drata
Connecting GitHub to Drata
Connect to Google Workspace
Create Tickets for Asana
Create Tickets for Basecamp
Create Tickets for Bitbucket
Create Tickets for Freshdesk
Create Tickets for Freshservice
Create Tickets for Height
Create Tickets for Hive
Create Tickets for Teamwork
Create Tickets for Wrike
Create Tickets for Zendesk
Create Tickets for Aha!
Rapid7 InsightVM
Manually uploading your personnel with a CSV file
Create Tickets for GitLab Issues
Partner Connections
Connecting SentinelOne
Connect AWS GovCloud
Connect your HRIS to Drata
GCP Creation of Service Account with Permissions
GCP Summary of Monitor Tests Associated per each Permission
Jira Tickets as Evidence
Connecting Wiz
Connecting AWS Organizational Units
Snowflake Connection
Miro Connection
Segment Connection
HubSpot Connection
Sentry Connection
Azure Virtual Asset
Connecting Zoom
Connecting Xero
Connecting to Teamtailor
Connecting to SmartRecruiters
Connecting CrowdStrike
Connect to Confluence
Connect to Notion
Connect to Ashby
Connect to Attio
Connect to Bitwarden
Connect to Contentful
Connect to Freshsales
Connect to Greenhouse
Connect to Klaviyo
Connect to Lastpass
Connect to Leapsome
Connect to Pinpoint
Connect to Recruitee
Connect to Workable
Connect to Zelt
Connect to Pipedrive
Connect to Salesloft
Connect to Canva
Connect to Oracle HCM
Connect to WebEx
Connect to Github Enterprise
GCP Virtual Assets
Connecting Coverdash